You’re Blessed!

You're Blessed!

  “Are we guarding our table?” pastor asked at the conclusion of the sermon. Have we made every attempt to prevent the enemy from entering in and disrupting the plans God has for us? Or have we instead closed off every door that would invite Jesus in to clear what doesn’t belong?

                It can be uncomfortable to let someone in and turn things around. But it’s important for our spiritual growth. We’re never at a place where we can’t be more, rather where we don’t need more of God. Are we willing to let Jesus in and clear out what may be pushing us further away from him?

                When Jesus returns, he will come seeking fruit. We need to prepare the temple for his coming, and be ready in all seasons. Are we producing fruit from our labor (Psalm 128:2), fruit from our lips (Prov. 12:14). Will he see our efforts as fruit of the righteous (Prov. 11:30)? A “house of prayer” is a temple that is dedicated to aligning itself with that of God’s Spirit. It beseeches the name of the Lord at all times. It relies on the Holy Spirit to make choices that are just and true. It can be tested, but will grow over time, producing plenty and lacking none. It will bear fruit because it puts God above all things.

                We are that church; we are that house. When we seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, the bible tells us he will supply all our needs (Mat. 6:33). We can’t block God out. Instead, we need to make him Lord of our lives. We need to give him access to every part of us and let him undo what we’ve done where he deems fit. He will make us godly; he will teach us how to call on his name and he will answer. He came for us. We will be that house of prayer he is after.



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