A Thrill of Hope

A Thrill of Hope

In the beginning, God had a plan. From the very beginning, when Satan planned to deceive man and take away what God purposed for us, God had a plan. It was going to be His son that would save man from their sins.
The song “Oh Holy Night” captures the very emotions of a redeemed soul. It is an overwhelming sense of gratitude that simply thrills the soul. It’s a boost of hope, where we’ve been given another chance, renewed mercy through the grace of God. The soul can finally feelits
worth because it finally knows its worth now that it has met its worth. And it is that worth that the devil will try to steal from us. He will put defenses in our way to take our focus and to take our purpose because he knows it is far greater than anything he will ever own.

At the closing of the sermon, Pastor Robert conjured up that thrill of hope. Hesaid “so that the day when Jesus comes to crush Satan, I’ll be ready to be a part of that army.” It would be a tremendous honor and an absolute thrill to be a part of the army of the One.
The seed of redemption has been planted. Hold to the promise of his son given to us; you were a part of His plan. Feel the joy of Christ in trial and pain. And know the thrill of hope that awaits our soul the day he returns to bring us home.

Sister Vanessa Rosado


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