Our Unlimited Source for Everything

Our Unlimited Source for Everything

We will always have a source with unlimited output if we deposit into our prayer life daily.

Jesus was the greatest teacher. When we look to him to be our guide and our source we realize we have more than enough and we have someone amazing to look up to. As the disciple turned to him and asked, “Lord, teach me to pray” I believe he understood he was asking him how to lead his life to be righteous and true. And who better to ask then Jesus, who was filled daily through prayer and had more to pour out unto others than any other person? I can’t imagine a time where I sought God’s word and didn’t find an answer that spoke to my heart. It was an answer that resolved for my greater good.

A prayer life privileges you to a conversation with holiness and grace and righteousness. It then has the power to reflect on you, serving as an unlimited source of strength, peace, and joy. It carries you when you’re broken. It steadies you when you’re brave. It humbles you when you learn how greatly loved you are. It enhances your perspective and gives you a mirror into the areas of your life that need developing or discarding altogether.
Jesus replied to the disciple, “Pray like this…” and inhisprayer we learn to know that God’s name is Holy because in His name, and by His name, we have everything we will ever need and will be everything we were purposed to be. We can love others and put others before ourselves because we acknowledge he first loved us. We can tell our flesh we will be the heart and hands and feet for God every day. The least of these will be our concern. Our spirit’s aching will be to have more of God. We will make a decision daily to choose to be proud of the end result with loving kindness and mercy being our greatest example. We will be vessels for God, because nothing else will satisfy. The word of God will be our only guide.

God’s word is the only thing that matters. He’s given us his word. It’s time to pray like Him.


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