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“Steps with God”

To come together in God’s grace, love and mercy; to examine, study and practice the 12 Steps of Recovery the way they were originally intended; with God at the center, guiding our recovery and our lives back to Him and His will for us.

There are many 12 Step programs available out there, but in many ways, the One True God has been taken out of that equation and has been supplanted with a “Power Greater than Ourselves” or with a “Higher Power”. These programs are well intended and do help a great many addicts on the road to recovery in which they regain their lives, their families and their well-being. But what of their spirit and their immortal soul?

Over time, this question remains unanswered for many addicts in those programs; and they are left confused and searching. What is that “Power Greater than Myself”? Who is my “Higher Power”? The programs point to the groups as the “Power Greater than Ourselves”, which in some ways is true. Through fellowship, we receive the strength of each individual through the sharing of our experiences and successes. But it stops there. The question of a “Higher Power” remains unanswered and many fall into believing that the groups may be such a power. This we contend to be untrue and that there is only one, true God as can only be defined through the Word of God.

Some addicts come to find God and salvation through Jesus Christ; either through a friend or family member but are then left frustrated by the principles of these programs which compel them to omit speaking of it openly during meetings, unable to express and share with others where they have found the peace and security that can only be found in God through Christ our Lord.

In this gathering, we mean to introduce God and Christ back into our recovery through the Holy Scriptures and bring recovery to a new level of understanding in which we now define exactly who our “Higher Power” is. We will review one step each week, according to Scripture and how the Word of God drives the principles found in each of these steps. In doing so, it will inspire us, and begin to guide us in our journey through life, as we rebuild our relationship with God through Christ.

Let us set out together on this journey towards healing and newfound strength; not a strength found in ourselves but one found through trusting God and allowing Him to guide our decisions, our plans and our lives. Here, we will come to know the God who loves us, the God who sent his only Son to die for us, that we might be made whole.

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In His Service,

Brother Gustavo Garramuno


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